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-Click here to see The WMDs live taping of "New Amsterdam" at the historic Luna Lounge!

"The WMDs skirt the boundaries of modern
rock and even power-balladry with lack of
remorse...and the band's dexterity elevates
what would likely have ended up an empty
sentiment in conventional pop."
-New York Press

"These guys should be on those Late Night T.V.
shows, the girls are going to eat them up."
-Joey Reynolds - WOR Radio
(Rock n' Roll Hall of Famer)

"Despite their self-imposed "modern rock"
tag, (The) WMDs don't stack their songs with
heaps of over-compressed distortion. This is
a good thing, as most music that modern-rock
radio embraces is so generic and processed...
The WMDs favor melodies (actual fresh ones!)
You can easily spot the influences, such as
Tom Petty, but the band wears them well
and does them proud."
City News, Rochester, Saby Reyes-Kulkarni

The WMDs might have a name that evokes
political rage but this is not a political band.
Instead the songs are stripped down opuses...
this demo hopefully will work its way into
the hands of an important playmaker in the
music industry because this band deserves
to have a whole lot more attention paid to it.
-J-sin @ Smother.net

As a final gift to the rock community
the Luna Lounge has located The WMDs.
- Time Out New York

Their sound is 1962 Hamburg meets 1990 Seattle.
There are lyrical, melodic moments, but they're well
padded in a hard, wall-pounding beat.
-Yori Yanover, Grand Street News

Brian Bauers delivers his well-written lyrics with
passion and plays his music with an understated maturity.

Every Song is a complete surprise... and for all you
ladies out there, these boys are very cute.
-Jill Morrison, WUSB 90.1FM